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  The Faulty of Financial & Economics



  The Financial & Economics Faculty was established in year 2009 ,currently it runs three intensive programs:
  1. Accounting (Specialize in Financial Accounting and Computerized Accounting)
  2. Finance &Securities (Specialize in Financial and Investment, Securities and Financial)
  3. International Business (Specialize in Customs Declaration, International Freight, International Trade)

  "Quality Priority , Ability Priority ,Morality Priority"

  The mission of striving for perfection is our invariable faith. It insists on the combination theory with practice,   knowledge and cultivation, optimize the curriculum system construction, continually deepen the specialty connotation   construction;Concentrating and focusing the energy of improving teaching quality, creating positive and harmonious   educational environment. Focusing on the built-up of the overall quality and practical application ability of the   students, Cultivating elites for society-- graduates of “Strong practical operation ability, Good ideology and morality,   Superior overall quality ’’ Previous graduates of the department's employment rate reached 96%. Feedback from employers   indicates that our young talented graduates enjoy good reputation.

  Dynamic, devoted, motivated and energetic academic strong faculty team of Finance and Economics Department features and   highlights its strong team spirit and committed culture.

  Currently F.E.D employs more than 30 highly-qualified teaching staffs, 5 of them are professors and associate professors   Over 40% of the teachers have a Master’s degree. Many of them have an industrial background or hold vocational   certificates and diplomas.

  With strong capacity of scientific research, our team has been committed to a number of research projects, publically   issued quite a few more of textbooks. Advanced application practicing foundation inside campus, there are manual
  accounting training rooms, commercial banks counter simulation training room, and computerized accounting practices in   international trade training room. Financial Accounting training rooms equipped with educational software, the East   Indigo commercial banks integrated business training system, Kingdee K3 Software, Nanjing International Trade Practice   Training World grid system software. F.E.D mainly serves for the regional economic development and construction.
  We spare no efforts to establish long-term and stable off-campus professional internship training base, to better serve   the teaching, research and student employment.

  School- enterprise Cooperation:
  Carrying out the new pattern of college students cultivation ---“Tailor-Made Order-Based”, a talents training   cooperation agreement has been signed between Accounting Department and Zhuhai Rundu Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which   offers to cultivate 50 accountants’ professionals.

  Our graduates have glorious career perspective and enjoy good reputation and compliments from their employers
  Combination of production and academy is a main trend of cultivating practical talents ,we have established mutual   cooperation relationship with enterprises include Guangzhou City Star Logistics Co., Ltd.,, Ping An Securities Co., Ltd.   Guangdong Development Bank, Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd.,, Hua Tuo Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Cheng Hui   Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.,, Conghua Gold Exchange Center.

  Cultivation objectives:
  Talents with financial, securities theoretical knowledge, proficiency in the use of financial, securities methods and   skills, have some practical application ability, professional quality of senior financial, securities administration
  and practical operation of application-oriented talents.
  Core courses:
  Economics, Accounting Basics , Finance, Securities Market Basics , Corporate Finance, Security Investment Analysis,   Security Trading Operations Training, Personal Finance, Commercial Banking and Management, Insurance Principles and   Practice, Financial regulations.

  Qualification Certificate:
  CET 4 CET 6 National Computer Rank Examination Certificate,
  Certification of Security Professional Certification of Banking Professional,
  Assistant Economist Insurance Agent.

  Career perspectives:
  The graduates are primarily serving for commercial banks, security companies and other non-bank financial institutions,   government departments which engage in the credit management, securities, financial investment advice and related   financial products, marketing and services, as well as some foreign institutions and non-financial institutions which   engage in credit management for both companies and personal.

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