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  The Faulty of Management



  The Faculty of Management was founded in 2004. It offers various and wide range of programs including Industrial and       Commercial Business Management, Logistics Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Chain Management    and Marketing, etc. There exists now more than a thousand students, over sixty professional teachers, of which full-time    teachers are nearly 40, while teachers with senior titles and master degrees are more than 20.
   The department adheres to the Nangyang College’s school-running concept, " people oriented school with the quality as    its vantage, talents as its boosting-up impulse with its own features and reputations”’; Abided by the teaching idea    of students-centered, society-serving, employment-oriented, school-enterprise cooperation, work-study-alternately

   features in vocational colleges, it has strengthened teaching innovation and creation, and has successfully explored
   training models for managerial talents adaptable for high vocational schools.


   Management department vigorously carry out school-enterprise cooperation, and has contracted with many well-known
   enterprises including 7 Days Inn, Shenzhen China World Information, Shenzhen Shun Electric Appliance Chain, the New
   State of Logistics, Shunde Sheraton Hotel, Guangzhou Xiangjiang Group Falls Tourism Development Corporation and other
   famous companies with agreement of school-enterprise cooperation to carry out various forms of engineering alternative.

   As required by Shenzhen, China to be world Information Company, Shenzhen Shun electric appliance chain, Lights Great
   Falls hotels and other large companies, order-classes are set up cooperatively to enable students to master school
   management expertise, obtain national professional qualifications. These entire cultivating models make graduates enter    joint ventures directly after graduation.


   The Department of Management certainly rolls on better and stronger on the basis of c
ultivating student’s quality and    ability, astoundingly boosting up teaching innovation and reform, thus better serving society and enterprises with
   high-quality, skills-equipped talents with practical abilities.


   Employment Situation

   Graduates from the Management Department successfully involved in their future career with the wide and stable
   employment platform provided by school with various modes including school-enterprise cooperation, campus recruitment,
   to the corporate internships, class orders, internal and external training base, students business base, all of which
   are employment oriented, wide employment channels in a variety of ways so that they can successfully employed to  
  demonstrate their management talents.

   Business Administration
   Cultivating objectives:

   Training practical talents equipped with theoretical knowledge of modern business management, mastering modern business    management skills, being capable of performing high-quality modern business enterprise management, full of skills.

   Core Courses:

   Management, Economics, Business Management, Production and Operations Management, Purchasing Management, Marketing,
   Quality Management, Strategic Management, Customer Relationship Management, Basic Accounting, Economic Law, the case
   with modern enterprise management training, enterprise resource planning (ERP software) operations and business
   management training and so sand table simulation of actual combat.

   Skills Certificate:

   National Computer ERP (enterprise resource planning) application certification professionals, general ability-based  
  class, supervisors and internal auditors and other goods.

   Career Perspectives
   Graduates in various industrial, commercial enterprises engaged in the planning, marketing, production, procurement,
   quality, financial and other management and services.



   1 Marketing
   Training objectives:
   Develop a modern marketing concept, master modern marketing theory of knowledge and skills, capable of performing the
   work of the modern enterprise marketing of high-quality, skilled professional applications personnel.

   Main courses:

   Management, economics, marketing, market research and forecasting, business negotiations and marketing techniques,
   business etiquette, international marketing, international business English, consumer psychology, marketing planning
   practices, advertising, customer relationship management, financial Writing, basis of accounting, economic law,  
  enterprise resource planning (ERP software) operations and business management training and so sand table simulation of    actual combat.

   Skills Certificate:

   National Computer ERP (enterprise resource planning) application certification professionals, marketing senior
   marketing and assistant surveyor.

   Employment Orientation:

   Graduates in various industrial and commercial enterprises, including foreign trade enterprises engaged in market
   research, advertising planning, marketing and customer relationship management and service work.


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