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  The Faulty of Industrial Design



  The Department of Industrial Design was established on the basic development and expansion of advertising design and   production in accordance with social needs, which mainly includes advertising design and production----namely Advertising   Design and visual Visual Communication Design, industrial design and production----namely Production Design and   Industrial Modeling Design. The department is widely accepted by social communities and offered numerous graduates with   high employment rate each year since it is guided by the principle of “"broaden the expertise to strengthen the   foundation”, emphasized on the teaching reform of “cultivate versatile talents” and oriented on the education of   students with “multiple skills” by school leaders.


  The faculty possessing high-level degrees and professional skills ranges from Master of Fine Arts, Master of Engineering,   Master of Software Engineering and Master Degrees with other majors. Apart from the high- degree teachers, we also have   known for all-nation teachers which are interviewed by CCTV and these with various qualifications. From the aspects of   teaching staff structure, proportions and age levels, we are sure to occupy certain advantages in the same subject   domestically.


  Advantage of technology and teaching

  In recent years, the teachers of the department have published over 80 research papers, above 10 monographs on designing,   in which new research contents have been proposed for the theories of industrial design in China. Some teachers have been   invited to take part in academic communications in other universities in China. Design works created by teachers and   students have been awarded several prizes in domestic and abroad contests. In order to guarantee teaching and researching   necessity, teaching devices are offered sufficiently, including drawing rooms, sculpture labs, painting and drawing room,   advertising room, industrial design station, newly-equipped computer devices and 3-D assistant design softwares.


  Technical services and cooperation
  Technical services and cooperation ranks from the following four areas:
  The development and design of daily necessities, household appliances, means of
  transportation; Design of a series logos such as enterprises, factories and CI (corporate image series design).
  Variety of product packaging, interior design, advertising design and cultivation of all kinds of designers.

  All theoretical studies related to designing.
  School-enterprise cooperation on animation based in Guangdong Province, high-tech Development Zone, PRD-related   enterprises.


  It is known that the industrial design is a newly emerging field in China today, thus the product designer is
  undoubtedly a career far away from social demand. It can be seen that in the near future working fields on projects of   product designing or design management can be rewarding and exciting. Specifically, many jobs are waiting for graduates   such as electronic product designers, transportation designers, exhibition designers, furniture designers, design   consultants, lighting designers, space designers, toy designers, jewelry designers, advertising designers, etc.


  Cultivation Objectives

  The objectives of the major are to cultivate talents equipped with creative consciousness and ability, grasping   systematic art design theories with solid art modeling foundation, sophisticating in application of the professional   production technology and materials application and knowing the forefront development of related subject, thus they will   engage in art and design of wide knowledge, hands-on ability to adapt to a wide range of application.


  The core courses:

  Design Principles, Design Drawings, Design Color, Print Form, Color Composition, Dimensional Structure, Performance   Techniques, Model Making, Ergonomics, Industrial Design History, Computer 3-D design, Product Design Process and Methods,   Product Design and Development, Design Psychology, Special Design Competitions, Practical Training, Graduation Design.
  Skills Certificates: CET 4 / 6, Computer Rank Examination Certificate Application Level, Computer Image Processing   Photoshop, Computer Image Processing CorelDraw, CAD Industry Research, ICAD Research and so on.


  Career Perspectives:

  Graduates from the school can engage in the design of industrial products and new products for companies, enterprises,   institutions and factories. The related positions cover the following: electronic product designer, transportation   designer, exhibition designers, furniture designers, design consultants, lighting designers, space designers, toy   designers, jewelry designers, advertising designers, etc. Working fields also even encompass outer packing of products   and the image R & D.


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