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  The Faulty of Computer Science



   Department of Computer Science has been awarded the honor “Advanced Faculty ’’ by Guangzhou NanYang Polytechnic   College. Strong qualified faculty with over 40 full-time teaching staffs , includes 27 full time teachers, 15 of them   possessing “dual-skills” qualification


   1. Computer Science & Technology,
   2. Animation Design and Production,
   3. E-commerce.

  Aim & Mission Statement
  To prepare :
  candidates for productive careers in industry, enterprises by providing an excellent environment for teaching, learning,
  and research in the theory and applications of computing and information technology. To produce highly qualified and
   well-rounded graduates possessing fundamental knowledge of computing and information technology that can provide
   leadership and service to the Pearl River Delta Guangdong, China...


  Statements of Version :

  International: To have a strong impact in our targeted areas of research and to attract excellent faculty and students.
  Regional: To be the catalyst in the region and in particular the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China, in Computer
  Science and Engineering in terms of application, research, education, and technology transfer. to contribute to
  Guangdong Province as a knowledge-based hub in the areas of Computer Science and Information Technology by graduating   some of the best students in these areas and by assisting relevant industry and governmental organizations.


  Educational Objectives:

  1. The academic objectives of the Department of Computer Science are to provide outstanding education and research      programs that:

  2. Provide a stimulating academic research environment for individuals who, in both industry and commerce, will be
     leaders in the pioneering of computer applications and of the development of new technology for the benefit of society

  3. Demonstrate technical competence in computer science and engineering design and analysis consistent with the practice      of a specialist and with the broad perspective of the generalist

  4. Provide, at various courses, individual and group projects in design and research which, combined with classroom     study, will prepare our students for the professional practice of computer science and engineering and team work

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