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  The Faulty of Architectural Engineering



      The Faulty of Architectural Engineering enrolls the largest amount of students in Guangzhou NanYang Polytechnic in
  recentyears , Faculty of Architectural Engineering is home 1,300 full-time students currently , it offers 11 academic   programs namely ,Art of Architectural Design, Construction Project Management, Architectural Decoration Engineering,   Construction Cost , Construction Consulting Management, Housing Maintenance and Repair, Interior and Landscape Design ,   Architectural Sculpture.


    The Faculty of Architectural Engineering has formed an outstanding , strong and productive academic team , currently
  it employs 91 teaching staffs .There are 3 professors, 24 associate professors, 21 lecturers, 4 PhD, 21 postgraduates,   respectively. Two chief engineers from the team participated in China-aid international construction projects; one has   served in Russia, another served in the Republic of Zimbabwe. One of our team members from has ever been crowned the   honor: the First Prize of National Architectural Design, he also served as one of the chief Construction Expert
  Engineers in the Guangzhou Asian Game, 2010.


    The Faculty of Architectural Engineering provides 13 training bases which serve for various purposes: Construction   materials, Architectural Models, Building Surveying, Civil Engineering, Decorative Materials, and Plant Specimens etc.
  22 co-founded professional training bases which avail our students an ideal environment for practicing, those training   bases were established through the cooperation between faculty and a great number of enterprises, including :Guangzhou   Construction Group Corporation Co., Ltd, Guangdong Yuantian Construction ,Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pubang Garden   Holding Co., Ltd., Guangzhou JunFei Architectural Design Co, Ltd ,Qingyuan FangYuan Architectural Design Institute etc.


  The Faculty of Architectural Engineering carrying out the new pattern of student’s cultivation ---“order-based”,   training module. Combination of production and academy is a main trend of cultivating practical talents. For years, the   combination of “School centralized arrangement, Enterprises order-based training projects, Self-employed”, which is
  the principle of talents cultivation. In particular, Construction Design is the most eye-catching programs among all by   100% employment rate, bravo! Which is the also spotlight in NanYang College.


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