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  The Faulty of Automobile Engineering



  The Department of Automotive Engineering was founded in the year 2004, including three majors: Auto testing and   maintenance consisting of Auto maintenance and shaping technique; Auto electronics; Auto service and marketing including   Auto marketing and appraisal.


  The Introduction of Faculty

  The Department of Automotive has 17 full-time teachers, including 3 associate professors and above 4 lectures, 8 senior   technicians with professional qualification. They pass on knowledge, educate on various subjects, and solve problems on
  the platform and they are skillful craftsman in the workshop. All the teachers in our department are dedicated to the   improvement and exploration of teaching content and teaching method and the implementation of “teaching mode” basing
  on the combination of theory and practice. We have formed a high academic level and experienced teaching team with   enterprising and innovative spirits through years of accumulation and precipitation, and we take the positive attitude
  to employ skillful technicians of rich training experience as part-time teachers.


  The Qualification of Faculty

  Our department has established large-scale training room consisting of eight professional room: the dismounting   training room of auto engine; the dismounting training room of Auto chassis; training room of auto shaping; the training   room of auto testing; the training room of auto electronic control; the training room of auto engine; the training room   of auto sheet metal and spray; the training room of auto marketing training. Auto training rooms have advanced teaching   methods and teaching equipments having the capacity to accommodate 120 students to meet the needs of all kinds of   professional skill training.


  Production-Academic Cooperation

  Our department has established stable cooperative relations with many auto service and maintenance enterprises and   implemented employment-oriented cultivation through the combination between production and education. The level of   running the College has improved greatly. The enterprises that have established employment-oriented cooperative
   relations are as follows: Guangzhou Guangwu Junhao Auto Co. Ltd; Guangzhou Huasheng Management Service Co. Ltd,   Guangzhou Youlong auto sales and service Co. ltd; Guangzhou Renchehang Treasure Agency Co.,Ltd; Nanling Auto Service Co.   ltd; Guangzhou Zengcheng Qingling Auto Service Co. Ltd.


  We always pay more attention to teaching skills than teching theory, focusing on the cultivation of the students'   practical ability and providing the society with many talents with practical technical ability
  The employment rate of graduates in our department has remained at a high level.



  Automobile Repairing and Maintenance

  Cultivation objective:

  1. Automobile Repairing and Maintenance

  Automobile Repairing and Maintenance basing on all-round quality-oriented education focus on the ability of professional   post and cultivate the students with a good professional ethics. The specialty of E-technology for Automotive Engineering   aims to foster talents with proficient skills in e-technology in auto industries, testing and appraisal of e-products for   automobiles, processing and manufacturing and tech service and support. At the same time, they (the students) are   encouraged and endowed with considerable abilities in tech services and management in the e-tech of auto industries to   meet the rapid development of the auto industry.

  Key Courses

  Control Technology of Automotive Engine , Control Technology of Automotive Chassis , Electrical Technology and   Electronic Technology , Intelligent Transportation System ,Road traffic Control Technology , Transportation Safety
  and Law , Transportation Geography Information System , General Instruction of Traffic Engineering , The Collection   and Management of Traffic signal

  Qualification of Graduates

  ▲ Proficient use of instruments for automobile mal testing and detection, detection and fix of the mal
  ▲ Appraisal and assessment of automobiles
  ▲ Grade a Certificate of National Certificate in PET-B (Practical English Test-Level B), good skills in English      application, reading and translation of technical automotive writings in English (into Chinese), communication
     skills in spoken English
  ▲ Certificate in Automobile Maintenance, or Certificate in Used Motor Vehicle Appraisal and Assessment
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