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  The Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages ( FAFL)



  “Join us today, we will offer you a ticket to your ideal career opportunity tomorrow!”

   The Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages ,one of earliest-founded faculties in Guangzhou NanYang Polytechnic .
   FAFL currently offers three English programs ,namely : Business English , Foreign Secretary, Applied English
   linguistics ,Translation ,respectively. It also offers second foreign languages includes Japanese, Korean and French
   for optional courses.

  Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages aims to help students to build up a solid foundation in both English and   professional business knowledge and to equip them with a good command of English application skills in terms of
  listeningSpeaking , writing and reading comprehensively .


   It has formed a creative and productive academic team, which is laddered-structured , guided by the academic head
   leaders ,it spotlights the combination of young and dual-skilled teachers , The ratio of dual-skilled teachers reaches
   to 80%. It also employs talents who have rich business experience and practical technology from enterprises front line    to serve as the tutors of internship post practice.

   Dynamic, devoted, motivated and productive academic faculty features and highlights its strong team spirit and
   committed culture. FAEL is dedicated to the cultivation of high caliber talents in foreign languages, foreign affairs,    international business, English education as well as tourism.

  Carrying out the new pattern of college students cultivation : tailor-made order-based.
  Our graduates have glorious career perspective and enjoy good reputation and compliments from their employers.
  Combination of production and academy is a main trend of cultivating practical talents , FAFL has established many
  off- campus training bases with relevant cooperated enterprises.


  Business English
  Secretary of Foreign Affaire
  Applied English linguistics( Translation & Interpretation )

   The programs are designed to provide students with a completed and systematic comprehension of the key factors of
   English linguistics and general business situation knowledge. With the regular interactions with faculty, students
   also acquire a broader perspective .Cultivating the students through a systematic understanding of business English
   and international business practice, this course aims to develop the students’ practical skills of business
   communication and operation in real business situations, such as new products presentation & demonstration, customer
   service, enterprise introduction, business documentation, business negotiation, etc.

  Core Courses
  Communication Business English, Business Documentation
  International Trade; Business Correspondence,
  Translation & Interpretation
  Career Perspectives
  Graduates of Business English aims to cultivate talents to serve as intermediate and senior administrative assistants,   business ,interpreter , translators and senior business assistants who are qualified in both occupational ethics and   operations ability for their future career in fields like international trade, global sourcing , translation , logistics,   etc. with specialized skills in administration, translation, foreign trade documentation, customer service, etc.


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